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What we do

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What is Go Slo?

Go Slo is a collaborative project between ZVEŠ Slovenia and AFES Australia to assist Christian students from all over the world to come to Slovenia and study, while helping fellow students and friends to think further about the claims of Jesus in the Bible. We are hoping this will give students the opportunity to have a taste of living overseas as a Christian, as well as growing in their own faith and understanding. At the same time ZVEŠ is greatly enriched through the involvement of these students!

What will you do?

Go Slo isn't a discipleship program in the traditional sense. We won't force you to do a certain amount of work for us. Instead, it's an opportunity for you to get involved, at whatever level you like, with a Christian student group in another country. Whatever your area of expertise and comfort zone, we can find somewhere for you to fit in - from leading a Bible discussion group to lending a spare hand; from on-the-street questionnaires to filming our events; from helping update our facebook to attending our meetings; or even cooking pancakes for a party!

What will we do?

Being a small group, we are prepared to tailor support to individual needs. As such, we will offer whatever levels of support and training we can to help you fit in best. To find out more about the staff of ZVEŠ - who we are and what we're like, check out our website. If you are still reading at this point, well done! To find out more, the Stories page tells the experiences of some people who have already come, or you can read Christine's 5 Steps to GO SLO.

Stories Here are some stories and interviews from people who have been on the Go Slo project in the past, reflecting on their experiences.

Benjamin's StoryEric's StoryChristine's StorySome thoughts from SarahA discussion with Liz

Here is an article that appeared on the Australian bible society website, which tells some of Sarah's story, and where Sarah talks about her experiences in Slovenia.”

Contact We really want to encourage you to go for it.

That said, the process for applying to study here might look different for each country, and we don't know everything! But, if you do contact us to ask for help and advice, we would be pleased to help you the best we can.

Some other useful links


ZVEŠ - This is the website for IFES Slovenia, who are available to give help and support to arriving students.

AFES - This is the website for AFES Australia, who are helping to organise Go SLO, and are a good point of contact if you are currently studying in Australia.

About Slovenia

Live and Work - A website made by the Slovene government communication's office, to help people who are thinking of moving more permanently to Slovenia.

How to become a Slovene - a Podcast by RTV Slovenija, a comedic take on the language and culture of Slovenia, from the perspective of a foreigner.

University details

University of Ljubljana - How to apply for Erasmus at the University of Ljubljana, and information on housing, etc.