Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you have many, many questions. We have answered as many as we can below, but also check out our Stories page to get a feel for how this works.

Any advice is purely our opinion and experience – we are not liable legally if you use our advice and things go wrong. Obviously we can’t give specific advice to everyone, but we will of course help where we can.

Do I need any qualifications?

We are looking for students, as we believe that students are best-placed to reach other students. We are also looking for Christians, who are willing to share their faith with those around them. We do not require any theological training or other formal qualifications, however.

How do I arrange my course or studies in Slovenia?

Courses in Slovenia are now being brought under the Bologna reforms, which means that all courses in Europe will soon be of a similar standard. This means that coming from the EU isn’t too bad – you just need to get your university to agree for you to go. Erasmus is a programme run by the European Union, which makes this sort of thing easy.

If you are coming from outside of the EU, this can be more difficult as you may need to arrange your course on an individual basis, acting as a go-between between your university and the university you wish to attend in Slovenia. We recommend checking out the “next steps” page for your country, if we have one, before contacting your university to see what the options are.

Regarding cooperating with ZVEŠ, at this stage we operate primarily in Ljubljana. If you want to attend a course that isn’t in Ljubljana, please contact us to see if there will be any opportunities available.

How do I get a visa?

Where you come from will determine the type of permit you need in order to study here. If you are from within the EU it’s a fairly simple process – just turn up and register. If you need a visa, though, the process can be a lot more involved and will vary from country to country. Your best bet is to have a look at the specific advice on the ‘next steps’ page, or contact either your government or the Slovene government for further information. We won’t be able to help with every visa application, sorry!

How expensive is living in Slovenia?

If you are coming on an official exchange program, some financial grants are most likely available to you. Either way, you should consider the costs involved in moving to Slovenia. ZVEŠ do not offer financial assistance for students wishing to partake in the Go Slo program.

Living costs in Slovenia are generally quite cheap, especially for students who get discounts on food and transport. This website seems to be a good website for comparing prices between cities (put ‘Ljubljana’ for where you want to move to), but of course it’s only a rough guide.

Specifically, students get “Študentska Prehrana” (student food vouchers), which give up to 100% off of the price of food in many of Ljubljana’s restaurants and cafes.

Students also get access to a cheap bus pass in Ljubljana, cutting the cost from €37 a month to €20.

I am from Country x. What’s the best way to study in Slovenia?

Firstly, check out the Advice in the Next Steps page, which may already have the information you’re looking for. If it doesn’t, try contacting us.

What’s the weather like in Slovenia?

The weather’s great! We get a range of all weathers, from 30 degree heat in the summer to about -2 and snowy in the winter. Perfect for mountain sports all year round.

What does ZVEŠ do?

ZVEŠ is the Slovenian student movement, associated with IFES. More information can be found on the ZVEŠ website.

Where can I find out more about Slovenia?

Check out the Links page, or browse our quick introduction to Slovenia.