Eric’s Story

Hi Eric. Firstly, can you tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Eric, I’m a Christian, desiring to serve God. I’m 30 years old and French. I’m married, with 2 children. We live in Paris suburbs.

Why did you choose to come to Slovenia?

I chose to come and study in Slovenia in 2006 to have an overseas experience, in which I could practice and be taught in an English-speaking university. But I could have chosen another country. I chose Slovenia because it sounded a bit like adventure for me, a new country, and it seemed to be so beautiful when I looked pictures on the web. And also because Ljubljana University proposed many Finance lectures, which I liked a lot.

Tell me more about how you came to Slovenia?

I came to Slovenia, as part of an Erasmus exchange program between my business school in Paris area and Ljubljana university. Because it was as part of this program, it was quite easy. They provided me with a cheap flat in Vevce and all was well arranged. But the most important for me was to find a church. And this, Erasmus did not provide. Since I used to go to GBU (equivalent of ZVEŠ) in Paris, I spoke with an Australian in charge of GBU, and he told me he knew very good friends in Slovenia, also involved in Students’ ministry. I wrote them an e-mail and they welcomed me at my very first days in Slovenia. I was introduced in their church and ZVEŠ as well.

Tell me about one highlight, and one disappointment or struggle during your time in Slovenia.

One highlight has been the discovery of a beautiful country, but an other one was the gathering with this Evangelical church, all simple brethren but we had the same spirit and faith. To be a student far from home is not an easy life, especially when a young Christian wants to remain pure among the iniquities of this world. And this relationship with brethren with the same faith was a great help to me.

How do you think you were able to serve God and others in Slovenia?

I joined this church in many of their activites, and they also invited me to participate in ZVEŠ; there I could meet other people and students, and I tried to share with them the joy to be a Christian. In my everyday life, I also could share my personal testimony with other non-christian students at university, especially with French students.

Looking back, how do you think you grew closer to God during your time in Slovenia?

I experienced His mercy and forgiveness, and that in my weakness, he could still use me, although we do not deserve it. And I also experienced the love and kindness of my brethren of the church.

On a lighter note, what would you recommend as a “don’t miss!” when visiting Slovenia?

My preferred area is Bovec, Vršič, Kranjska Gora (Julian Alps), but you should not miss Postojna Cave and Predjamski Castle, along with Ljubljana Center and Castle. The Coast was also very nice (I went there cycling from Ljubljana with a student from ZVEŠ).

Finally, any last advice for people considering Go Slo?

8. Be sure before going to Slovenia that this is the place where God wants you to go. Although it’s a beautiful country with kind people, this does not mean that it is a paradise. Many people are atheists, and it is quite hard to go deep with them in spiritual matters. That’s also the reason why ZVEŠ needs students from abroad to help them, and you could help them to reach students with the Gospel, for example students from your country or your language.